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Current Projects

Here’s a quick glimpse into the projects we’re currently involved with.

ArkOwl Online Fraud Detection

ArkOwl Logo

ArkOwl is a small startup project founded in 2012 for the purpose of helping large online retailers determine the legitimacy of their online orders. Through clever use of social APIs, data mining, and statistical analysis, we provide valuable information to fraud analysts allowing them to mitigate what would be millions in potential losses.

This project makes extensive use of the Lithium PHP framework and MongoDB, and is hosted with the wonderful PaaS guys at EngineYard.

FullMonte IOL

FullMonte Logo

FullMonte IOL is a startup project which aims to enhance or replace outdated lens power calculation algorithms commonly used by cataract surgeons. Utilizing powerful statistical formulas and on-demand cloud computing, we are able to perform hundreds of thousands of calculations for opthalmologists each week and greatly improve cataract results.

FullMonte utilizes the R statistical computing language and uses PiCloud for its on-demand cloud computing which we can pay for by the millisecond rather than by the hour.

MACS: Most Accurate Cataract Surgery


MACS is an online campaign started to highlight the latest and best practices in cataract surgery technology, and to help doctors who use these practices to differentiate themselves from competitors. It is a patient-facing educational website backed by a board of renowned eye care professionals hoping to raise the bar in their profession.

This website features a responsive, semi-flat design based on bootstrap with interactive elements written in jQuery.